Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Swerve - The Cleansing: Barrelhouse Edition (Compilation)

I have been dropping various leftover tracks (from projects i've already released) that would otherwise never see the light of day. Today i'm releasing the second volume of The Cleansing which is properly titled The Cleansing: Barrelhouse Edition (If you're looking for the Cold Winters Edition click HERE).  After each track I will include a little background about each song and how it came to be and didn't come to be.  Also, I left the remainder of the instrumental on the songs for anyone who wants to try there hand at creating there own Swerve & (insert name) song. If you're looking for more updates be sure to follow me on twitter @Swerve916.  Make sure you click the "Read More" button if you are interested in the history behind the song.  Remember: I left the beat at the end of a lot of these tracks on purpose, so if you wanna spit something dope over it and send it to me, feel free.

Do you want to download all 4 tracks in one file? Click Here.

Swerve - Original Barrelhouse Intro: SYG actually sent me this beat and I don't remember if he had a verse to it or what not but I remember right after CWWW i was going through some writers block and I just happen to be writing a verse while i was doing my business on the toilet one day and came back and SYG sent me this link.  I immediately took it to my make-shift booth and recorded it, one take, sent it back and SYG was like that sounds like a great intro track.  Boom, that was it.  It wasn't till I was sequencing the tracklist and realized All I Have although not very intro like, was the best way to kick off that tape by telling my childhood stories and starting from the beginning. 

Swerve - Talk That Shit: I wrote this near the end of The Barrelhouse recording sessions.  The closer I was getting to be done, the more input everybody had one what I should or shouldn't say and what I should or shouldn't do.  It was just a mixtape to me, and as much as I want a professional product, I just want to say whatever I want.. and sometimes I just wanna talk my shit.  So thats what happen here.  It was intended for a special feature but I never got the track back in time for the release and then I never ended up cleaning it up, so here it is, in all its raw beauty.  

Swerve - West Coast '94:  This might have been during the CWWW sessions actually, but i'm throwing it in here.  The only reason i've never released this is because I use the word "faggot" and I shortly after changed how I felt about using that word as a insult to others.  Bottom line, i just became more sensitive towards the Gay community and their current fight for equal rights.  With that being said if anyone is offended, forgive me, it's now in the past.  Back to the story, DGS sent me this beat because I was dying for something really west coast sounding, and although this doesn't scream west coast, this is what he came up with on the fly.  I'm pretty sure he actually made this beat on a keyboard and a laptop in a moving car while at work.  He sent it to me, that same day I wrote it and wanted to get a bunch of west coast MC's on some california pride shit but things just never panned out and plus what I already explained above.

Swerve - How Can I: This beat was in a batch of beats DJ Mentos sent over and I really liked it, wrote the verse and everything and somehow this just got lost in translation.  I would finish up and release it but I know that i'll never get that same feeling back and sometimes what already done is better left in it's current state. However, this is another one of those tracks I left the beat open so if you wanna hop on and send it to me, feel free.

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